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Personalized Baby Blankets and baby gifts

Personalized Baby Blankets and baby gifts

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Personalized Baby Gifts - Baby Blankets,
Throws, & Baby's First Christmas

items all make wonderful baby gift ideas a mother is sure to treasure!


Personalized Fleece Baby Blanket

Fleece Baby Blanket with satin trim. Sewn with 2 names, birthday & choice of design.

More info: Personalized Fleece Baby Blanket

Infant Fleece Blanket for babies

Personalized Baby Blanket

Personalized Baby Blankets make
baby's homecoming extra special!
This receiving blanket has Baby's last or
first name sewn in blocks or with two
names & birthday with choice of design.
Includes free matching infant cap.

More info: Personalized Baby Blanket - Blocks
More info: Personalized Baby Blanket - Date

Custom embroidered Personalized Baby Blankets Name/Birthday Personalized Baby Blankets

Baby Baptism Gifts

Baptism Blankets/Carriage Throws -
Beautiful keepsakes that make wonderful
baby baptism gifts/baby christening gifts.

More info: Baby Baptism Gifts/Blankets

Personalized Christening/Baptism Blanket Throw

Baby Carriage Throw

This beautiful heart patterned white cotton
baby afghan is top quality. Choose design and baby's first or last name in blocks or with 2 names, birthday, choice of design.

More info: Baby Carriage Throw

Personalized Cotton Baby Afghan

Party Romper

A baby shower hit! Parents, new & old, love
this colorful invitation!

More info: Party Romper

Boys, Girls Party Romper

Burp Cloths

Extra large burp cloths made with super absorbent cotton terry cloth with fringed ends. Set of four.

More info: Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths

2014 Baby's First Christmas

Fleece Romper for Baby's First Christmas.
Embroidered with baby's first name & year.
Choice of design.

More info: Baby's First Christmas Romper

Baby's First Christmas Fleece Romper

Big Brother/Big Sister T-Shirts
             & Fleece Sweatshirts

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Big Brother T-shirts
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Big Sister/Brother Tee

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