Big sister Korker Hair Bow

Baby Korker Hairbow for Baby Sister t-Shirt

Korker Hairbow
in shades of pink to match korker shirts.

Quality grosgrain bows with sealed ribbon ends to prevent fraying.

Toddler & Youth Hairbow:   Korker ribbons atop a white boutique bow attached to a 2" french clip. Approx. size 4 1/2" (Alligator clippie available upon request).

Infant Hairbow:   A smaller version of the toddler/youth hairbow on an alligator clippie featuring a "no slip grip" to help stay in baby's fine hair. The infant bow includes a free crochet waffle headband that the bow can be attached to. The headband is interchangable with all types of bows and will fit infants on up. Approx. size 2 - 2 1/2" (2" french clip available upon request).